Certified Rolex Repair

Heirloom quality watches may not operate at peak function and can stop working entirely without regular care and service. And although you’ll find all kinds of quick-fix watch shops and even online instructions for how to repair watches yourself, we don’t recommend trusting your fine timepiece to anyone but a professional.  Rely on the trusted experts at RK & Co. Jewelers to take care of your treasured timepieces with the impeccable standards one would expect from a company renowned for excellence.

Mechanical watches, in particular, require service approximately every five years because they – like the engines in luxury automobiles that don’t get regular oil changes – will dry out, which will affect the performance of the watch and cause parts to wear. Like a car, a watch may run for a long time without service but, eventually, the lack of preventive maintenance results in reduced function and more costly repairs.  Properly maintained, fine watches have the potential to keep accurate time for centuries, and we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your timepiece.  And, as always, our watch overhaul is backed by a one-year mechanical warranty.

Looking for a Rolex?  We have plenty!