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The obvious goal for someone selling a diamond, or jewelry of any kind, is to get the most out of the sale. To do this, it is important to choose a highly qualified jewelry store who specializes in diamonds. This means you need to deal with a real gemologist who can properly grade your diamond so that you are paid the proper worth of the gemstone. We pride ourselves on being the best local diamond buyer in the Alpharetta and Milton area and, in fact, the state of Georgia. When you come to RK & Co. Jewelers, you deal with the owner of the business, Reza Khalaj, who is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and an expert in buying diamonds. He will walk you through the process by going above and beyond your expectations to keep things very transparent and simple. Fully understanding all characteristics of a diamond is the key to maximizing value. Our diamond appraisal and process is secure, expedient, and discreet and every customer receives a generous and immediate offer based on the worldwide market value of their diamond. We purchase all shapes and any sizes – no size is too big.

We invite you to come in and see why so many satisfied clients in Alpharetta, and suwanee rank RK & Co. Jewelers as the best place to not only sell a large diamond, but also diamond engagement rings, heirloom jewelry, diamond jewelry, vintage jewelry, gold and silver coins, sterling silver flatware and hollow-ware (i.e. spoons, forks, knives, etc.), as well as any scrap jewelry made of gold, silver and platinum – with or without diamonds.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about selling diamonds and jewelry:

Where Can I Sell My Diamond or Jewelry?

The obvious goal for someone selling a diamond or jewelry piece is to get the most money out of the transaction as possible. To do this, it is important to choose a qualified jewelry store who specializes in diamonds. This means you need to deal with a company that has a GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff who can properly grade your diamond so that you recieve the actual amount the diamond is worth. The most critical step is to choose someone you trust. Work with a company who has earned its good reputation rather than one that has purchased it through clever internet marketing.

Is Buying a Piece of Jewelry Considered an Investment?

You should never buy diamonds or jewelry as an investment. You buy a piece of jewelry or a diamond because you love it, and you want to wear it and enjoy it for a lifetime. At a later point in time if you decide you want to sell your diamond or jewelry you will more than likely have to sell it for less than you paid.

Will I Get the Same Amount I Paid For My Diamond When I Sell It?

It’s unlikely that you’ll receive the full amount you paid upon selling or trading in the piece. The reason for this is that the retailer you are selling your diamond to can get a comparable diamond at wholesale prices. It costs a lot of money to “sit” on diamond inventory for long periods of time. For that reason, you will not be offered the price you paid for your diamond.

Can I Expect To Get The Same Amount I Paid For My Jewelry When I Sell It?

As with diamonds, the same holds true for jewelry: you will not get the same amount you originally paid. Again, this is because the jewelry store can purchase, or even make a comparable piece at wholesale pricing. In the jewelry business, having and selling the right jewelry is very critical. Kept unchecked, having too much not marketable inventory can certainly contribute to a jewelry store going out of business.

Should I Go To a “We Buy Gold” or Pawnshop To Sell My Diamond or Jewelry?

Places that proclaim “We Buy Gold” with paint markers in their window are not going to give you a reasonable deal on your jewelry. If you want to get what it’s truly worth for the weight of the gold and the cut and clarity of your stones, you should go to someone who knows how to grade the value of the jewelry.

Should I Even Sell My Diamond or Jewelry?

If you’re still rather attached to the jewelry, we’d caution you to hold onto it. There are other, more effective ways of accessing fund than by selling your jewelry of significant nostalgic value. If there is only a little lingering nostalgia surrounding this piece of jewelry, feel free to come in and get an estimate. You certainly don’t have to make a decision right away. Though, you shouldn’t expect the sentimental value you have invested in the piece to be reflected in the quote you’re given for it’s value.

What If I Am Still Sentimentally Attached?

Diamonds are often symbols of passion and love, they can be harder to part with than any other piece of jewelry. Nonetheless, you have to leave your emotions out of selling. Sentimental feelings may raise the price of the diamond(s) in your eyes, but a potential buyer won’t be so moved. If you are considering selling diamond jewelry whose sentimental value has diminished but you’re still clinging to memories, recognize that while it was a part of your life at one time, and most likely represented someone or something important to you, you need to move on. Diamonds are only material things. Your peace of mind is more important than any potential profit. Be ready to part with it, and really ponder whether you’re going to wear the piece again before you decide to trade it in for cash or a jewelry upgrade.

Should I Get An Appraisal on My Diamond or Jewelry by an Independent Jeweler Before I Sell Them?

It is not advised that you get an appraisal on your diamond or jewelry before you attempt to sell it. Instead, we encourage you to shop around for offers so that you can be sure you take the highest offer, but don’t pay for an appraisal. The reason is because the professional jewelry store that has a GIA Graduate Gemologist on staff has the knowledge to properly evaluate and make you a realistic offer. You will never get back the money you spend on an appraisal of a piece you are looking to sell.

Does RK & Co. Jewelers Buy Diamonds and Jewelry?

RK & Co. Jewelers is a family-owned business with deep roots in our local community. We are a jewelry store with a proven track record in truly having the interest of the consumer in mind. We also pride ourselves as being the best local diamond buyer in the Atlanta area and quite possibly all of Georgia. When you deal with RK & Co. Jewelers to sell your valuables, you deal with the owner of the business Reza Khalaj who is a GIA Graduate Gemologist and an expert in buying diamonds and jewelry. He will walk you through the process by going above and beyond your expectations. We are confident you will appreciate his thoroughness and the transparent way he will take care of you. Our beautiful showroom located in Suwanee, Georgia is convenient to residents all over the metro area, including Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buckhead, Buford, Canton, Cumming, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Duluth, Dunwoody, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Milton, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Woodstock and Vinings.

RK & Co. Jewelers is a full service jewelry store offering onsite jewelry repairs, expert watch repairs, estate jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands. In addition to buying and selling diamonds, jewelry, gold, platinum, silver, and coins we also purchase important timepieces such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Patek Philippe, IWC and many others.

When you are ready to sell, please give us a call to schedule a confidential appointment.  If you have a diamond with a GIA certificate, please bring the certoficate with you.  Thank you for considering RK & Co. Jewelers for this important decision.

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