Looking for a truly unique engagement ring that no one else will have, you could go for estate jewelry but you may not find what you want in that section, as our inventory is bound to fluctuate. But you can still get the vintage feeling with a two stone ring. They’ve come back into style recently, but the ring style itself is rich with history that twists all the way back to Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact, Napoleon gifted his own wife with an engagement ring that featured a large sapphire and a diamond, side by side on a simple band. JFK, the former President of the United States gifted Jackie with a similar style. Her engagement ring consisted of a large diamond and an emerald with a cluster of diamonds reaching out on all sides. When Napoleon gave his ring he named it “Moi et Toi” which translates to “Me and You.” This rich symbolism makes this a work of great feeling, it embeds the ring with a more significant and special background than a cushion diamond nestled within a series of diamonds could.

Shop our selection of two stone rings below with their enriched style and classic execution, each piece is unique and customizable in a variety of ways. You can select the type of gold from 10k, 14k, 18k and even platinum. You can choose from rose, yellow or white gold and if you’re looking to get a bigger diamond into the setting or customize it anyother way we’d be happy to accommodate you.

In fact, if you’re looking to clear out your jewelry box and get cash for the jewelry you don’t wear, reach out to us. We have an upgrade program as well as offer opportunities to sell jewelry for cash. You can then use those funds to bring down the out-of-pocket investment that your new ring will require.

RK & Co. Jewelers is happy to offer you a wide variety of two stone jewelry in 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, and Platinum in either white, yellow, or pink (rose). Your choices for two stone jewelry just got a lot better!