Sigils have been away of signifying family unity and aligning interests for the full history of humanity. From ancient Rome where they placed the family’s distinctive sigil over the front entrance of their piazza to medieval Britain where the sigils out on the battlefield representing the different families at war roused their troops the family letters and colors have always been fraught with meaning. Though, we’re hardly suggesting you follow in the footsteps of the Countess of Salisbury who always wore a wine barrel pendant around her neck for her father that was drowned in a barrel of malmsey wine, we do encourage you to use your family, a source of your identity as inspiration for your jewelry choices.

Our personalized pieces aren’t quite equivalent to a sigil that you could lead men into battle under, but they’re beautifully created with carefully crafted metal compositions and creatively figured pieces to each one. Whatever your calling card is, whether you prefer your initials to be encased within a golden heart or some other symbol that points to something important to you, we’re here to make it happen. Reach out to us about how you can arrange for your personalized jewelry to be created specially for you.

Wrapping your head around the price for your new totally personalized piece? You could lower the price significantly by trading in your old jewelry that you no longer use anymore. Consider upgrading some of your old jewelry for something you really want. Look into our program for selling jewelry to get started.  

Something even more specific in mind? We have a variety of ways to get you the perfect piece. We have a large variety of pendants and we’re so dedicated to customer service that you need something further personalized we’d be happy to make it happen. Just contact us about it.

RK & Co. Jewelers is happy to offer you a wide variety of personalized jewelry in 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, and Platinum in either white, yellow, or rose. Your choices for personalized jewelry just got a lot better!