Upgrade and Trade-In Your Diamonds And Jewelry

RK & Co. Jewelers’ diamond trade-in and upgrade program allows you to bring in any diamond jewelry you no longer wear and trade it in for a new piece.  Even better, it makes no difference at all where you originally purchased the jewelry that you are looking to trade in – our store, online or from another jewelry store – it just doesn’t matter.  You’ll receive the best possible value for your diamond jewelry, and a beautiful brand new piece that you’ll love for years to come.  You’ll also receive the same service, quality and exceptional pricing you’ve come to expect as a valued client of RK & Co. Jewelers. Just bring in your jewelry for a consultation and trade-in evaluation.

Trade-in and upgrade considerations to keep in mind:

  • We accept both female and male diamond jewelry. For instance, a lady’s diamond bracelet can be traded-in for a gentleman’s solitaire ring and/or vice versa. To be eligible for the upgrade, your new piece must be priced at double the estimated value of your old jewelry, at least.  Our GIA Graduate Gemologist who evaluates the quality of your jewelry or loose diamond determines the value of your trade-in jewelry.  You will know the exact value of your trade-in before any transaction takes place.
  • We only accept diamond-to-diamond jewelry trades or upgrade. This means the old piece you’re trading-in as well as the new piece you’ve selected must have diamonds. It also means you can only trade a diamond for a diamond, or a piece of diamond jewelry for another piece of diamond jewelry.  For example, you can trade in an old diamond ring for a new pair of diamond earrings. There are exceptions to this policy, and the only requirement we have is that the trade must make sense for all parties. However, certain diamond and gemstone jewelry can still qualify for an upgrade. Please talk to our experts about your specific needs.
  • We do not accept any colored gemstones and pearl jewelry for trades or upgrades. Jewelry pieces that only feature pearls, emeralds, sapphires, or any other gemstones are not eligible for trade-ins. For this same reason, your trade-ins cannot be used to purchase new colored gemstone jewelry. Also, diamonds that are chipped, cracked or have been damaged are not eligible for trade-ins or upgrades.
  • You will receive the full value of the original RK & Co. Jewelers purchase price. If your jewelry was purchased at RK & Co. Jewelers, our experts will be able to offer you the full value of the original purchase price (excluding charges like tax and shipping). If your original diamond ring purchased from us was priced at $2,000, your future trade-in value will also be $2,000. This also applies to the new upgraded jewelry you have selected, should you decide to trade it in at a later time. As mentioned above, your new piece must be priced at double the estimated value of your old jewelry, at least.
  • The new purchase price of your trade or upgrade must be at least double the original value. For example, if your original ring is valued at $500, your new earring must be priced at $1,000 or more.
  • Store credit cannot be issued for a trade-in, so your new jewelry must be selected at the time of the upgrade.

Contact Us About Selling Jewelry

Are you more intrigued by the thought of simply washing your hands off your current jewelry and getting a cash offer instead? Reach out to us. We buy jewelry from all over the Milton and Alpharetta areas and we’d be happy to give you an estimated value for your diamond or gold jewelry, as well as your Rolex and other name brand pieces. Reach out to us to set up an appointment today.