Inside-out hoops are a traditional style staple, as well as a unique and interesting way to decorate any outfit. They’re more than the average gift, they’re laden with distinguished style and practical value.

The Gift and the Investment

Diamonds are always a good choice of gift as they provide a distinct admission of commitment as much as they provide value. In the Victorian era and earlier, engagement rings were used to be a promise to fulfill a marriage contract because they were worth the money in the long term. In that regard, nothing has changed in the sense that diamonds have both sentimental and long-term value. They’re as much of an investment in love as they’ve always been which makes buying her diamond earrings that are both a classic style and still totally unique a winning strategy.

We provide the best variety of inside out hoops which have the interior of the earring and the exterior of the earring lined with diamonds so you can see them glitter whatever way her head turns. Choose from white, rose and yellow gold in nearly every one of our unique styles that both promote the glitter of the natural stone and the gleaming color and shine of the metal itself.

Wondering how you can make this beautiful gift more affordable? Check out our jewelry selling options and our upgrade options. If you have a piece of diamond jewelry that you can trade-in for this piece instead, we’re happy to help. We also offer a a real, on-staff gemologist who can evaluate the value of your piece intelligently based on the weight of the gold, the stones and their cut, clarity and size as well. We promise we’ll get you the best deal for your trade in so you can easily afford this upgrade. Contact us to find out more about our process now.

RK & Co. Jewelers is happy to offer you a wide variety of diamond inside out hoops in 14K gold and 18K gold, in either white, yellow, or pink (rose). Your choices for inside out hoops just got a lot better!