When you’re shopping for a wedding band, you’re likely thrilled by the sense of possibilities. It’s hard not to be excited as your future unfolds in front of you in the form of a little band of metal that fits snugly onto your finger, or even her finger. There’s certainly quite a bit to consider, as both of you will wear these rings for the rest of your lives. So how do you go about choosing the proper wedding band for your other half? There’s a technique to the method.

Ask Yourself

Do you want your wedding bands to match each other exactly, or should they be reflective of each of your personalities? Will the bands match her engagement ring? Don’t feel pressure to make them match perfectly. Various metal tones go well together, and if you’re hoping for something a touch different, you don’t have to worry about it clashing. As long as you feel comfortable coordinating the bands together and finding the proper pairing, it shouldn’t be an issue. Are you looking for a wedding band, or an anniversary band? They’re separate things, and determining what kind you want is a big step toward finding the right ring.

Wedding Bands vs. Anniversary Bands

Your wedding bands certainly don’t have to be star-studded and heavy with gem weight. They can be simplistic yet highly polished white gold, or they can be platinum and glimmer lowly in the light. The sky’s the limit and it all comes down to the personal preference between the two of you. Anniversary bands traditionally hold a variety of gemstones all the way around the ring. Check out our wide variety of selections for different bands below.

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RK & Co. Jewelers is happy to offer you a wide variety of wedding bands in 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, and Platinum in either white, yellow, or pink (rose). Your choices for wedding bands just got a lot better!