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The city of Alpharetta’s original history begins back in the 1830s. Settlers and pioneers traveled to the area seeking land ownership and the ability to raise a family on fertile farmland. It quickly became the seat of government for Milton County right before the Civil War began. The Civil War brought with it both a palpable sense of destruction but really only served to strengthen the community surrounding Alpharetta. Though the city hardly hosted more than 3000 people through the 1980s, today we host nearly 65,000 residents and we see around 100,000 people who commute within the city for the work day.

In fact, Georgia has always held a sense of opportunity for immigrants coming over the sea to seek out prosperity. The red Georgia earth is the reason so many agricultural ventures have found sugh significant success. We’re excited to become a part of the Alpharetta community and be apart of each citizen’s life by providing memorable and symbolic jewelry pieces that are more than what you had always envisioned for yourself. We’re dedicated to ensuring you’re informed about how you can buy and sell jewelry intelligently. Check out some of our FAQs about jewelry and buying and selling diamonds below.

How Are Diamonds Graded?

The overall grade of a diamond depends on five different factors that all come together to create a better way to understand the quality of the diamond. These different factors rate the “inclusions” in the stone which generally appear as small black specs when you’re looking through a loupe (pronounced loop) the small magnifying glass many jewelers use to evaluate pieces. One of the main factors that determines a diamond’s grade is the nature of the inclusion. Inclusions or abrasions on the interior of the diamond can actually alter the structural integrity of the diamond and make it more fragile. Surface abrasions are merely called “blemishes” and do not interrupt how durable the diamond is. After that the diamond is graded on how many different abrasions the stone has and how readily visible they are. The size of the abrasions and distinctness after the final cut are all graded as well before a diamond is considered to be a Si, VVS1 or another type of grade.

How is Diamond Color Graded?

There are actually 17 different diamond colors. You can find everything from totally blue diamonds, to pink diamonds and even into yellow diamonds. But these have a different color grade than most of the white diamonds that people picture when they think of engagement rings. In fact, white diamonds are not graded on their color, but their lack of color and their “fancy” counterparts that we mentioned above are actually anomalies of nature that are graded and considered something entirely different. They are scaled through a set of letters, with D being the clearest, most expensive diamond, going down the scale to G, J,K,N,S and finally Z which are yellow diamonds, but are hardly proper fancy yellows.

Ready To Buy Or Sell Diamonds in Alpharetta?

Whether you’re looking to find that perfect ring for that special someone or you’re looking to upgrade your diamond earrings, RK & Co Jewelry is happy to be a resource for you. Please feel free to bring in your diamond jewelry to see if you’re eligible for our upgrade plan or if we can offer enough cash from your older jewelry to bring down the price of the piece you’ve got your eye on.