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Care for your rolex watch with our jeweler's tips.Rolex is known for its precision, detail and elegance. In order to keep your Rolex in great working condition and looking as good as new, it is important to follow several basic care steps: wear your watch on regular basis, get your Rolex serviced regularly, and clean the timepiece as needed.

Wearing Your Rolex on a Regular Basis

It is important to wear your Rolex on a regular basis in order to maintain the viscosity of the lubricants in the movement. If the watch is not worn on a regular basis, it is important to wind it at least one a week to keep the gears moving. Please read Winding, Setting Time and Setting Date on Rolex Watches for more information.

Servicing Your Rolex Regularly

As with any mechanical device, it is also important to get your Rolex serviced every 3 to 5 years. Over the years, the oils and grease that lubricate the movement particles inside a Rolex can break down, dry up, or harden, affecting the movement of the watch. This can be very problematic as it can decrease the timepiece’s accuracy and cause even further damage. For more information on servicing the watch please read Servicing your Rolex.

Cleaning Your Rolex

A Rolex should be washed every 3 weeks or as needed to remove dust, body oil and dirt particles. Before you start washing your watch, it is important to make sure that the winding crown is screwed tightly to the case so that water cannot seep in. You can use lukewarm water, ammonia-free soap, or household cleaning solutions. Make sure not to use industrial cleaning solutions as they may harm your watch. You may also use a small brush such as a toothbrush to remove dirt particles and reach all the crevices. You can also submerge the watch under water while you are cleaning it. After your watch has been cleaned, rinse it in lukewarm water. To dry your watch use a clean and soft cotton cloth. In order to dry all links in the bracelet it might be easier to use a blower or a hair dryer. It is very easy to clean your Rolex, and it usually takes no more then several minutes.

If you have any scratches on the bracelet of your Rolex, they can be easily removed with a polishing cloth. For more information please read How to Remove Scratches from your Preowned Rolex Bracelet.
With just a few minutes of your time per couple of weeks, you can keep your Rolex in perfect working condition while maintaining its great quality!