Our engagement rings can be set with many different diamonds!

In our last blog we discussed how to prepare for proposing, and we’re continuing today to provide you further information. Here at RK & Co. we understand how exciting engagement can be, and how nerve-racking a proposal can be. We’re here to connect you with the perfect engagement ring and a few tips to give you the confidence to pop the question.

Be You

If things go right, you’ll only be proposing once in your life. That’s a lot of pressure, sure, but view it as a grand opportunity. Embrace your you-ness, and make your proposal unique to you and your future spouse. Is there a place that you both love to visit? Is there an event you’ve shared that you’d like to experience again? This may be one of the most romantic moments of your life, so make it count!

Be Meaningful

A proposal is meaningful, embrace it! If you have things you’d like to say as you propose, write them and practice them. Some may think it’s silly, but it could save your nerves as you get down on one knee. Consider preparing something memorable to do after your proposal – drinks with good friends, making dinner together, a stroll through your favorite park. Make the day meaningful and memorable!