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Looking at engagement rings? Well you’re on your way to asking the biggest question of your life: Will you marry me? It’s intimidating, no matter how sure you are that the answer will be yes. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to ask the love of your life to take your hand, and there are plenty of resources you can utilize if you’re nervous about presenting your engagement ring. Here are a few tips that we find might help as you ponder popping the question:

If You’re Going To Ask Permission, Just Ask

Asking for parents’ approval can be intimidating, awkward, or even embarrassing; but if you plan on doing it, do it whenever you get a decent opportunity. Likely, no opportunity will be perfect, and you may find you fumble over your words as you ask, but if you’re looking to make a good gesture by asking, it’ll be appreciated regardless. If you’re close with the parents of your spouse-to-be, try to ask them to coffee or a meal, and ask then. If you’re not close with the folks, don’t fret! Just speak to your intentions and how well you know and love their child. Share with them that you’re dedicated to caring for your spouse-to-be.

Talk to Friends

To preface, don’t talk to friends that’ll spill the beans about your planned proposal. However, if you have friends who have talked to your spouse-to-be about marriage, they can be a great resource. If you’re uncertain about proposing, the friends you share between you and the love of your life likely know exactly what the answer to a proposal will be.

Plan, Plan, Backup Plan

Plan out your proposal to a T, and try to avoid schemes that can have complications. Map out events that will happen through the night, know where and when you’d like to propose, and have a backup plan in case something happens. And remember, if something truly derailing does happen, you can postpone your proposal! Don’t stress out thinking that there is only one opportunity to make the move!