We'll help you find the perfect engagement ring!

If you’re curious about the appropriate ring size for your loved one, and you’d like to keep the ring a surprise, you may need to be a bit sneaky about finding out the right engagement ring size. To start, know this: the average ring size for women is a 6, and for men it’s a 9. From this starting point, there are a few great ways to determine the proper engagement ring size for your loved one.

Ask Around

Ask close friends and loved one’s if they know the ring size. Take note, you won’t want to ask anyone who may spill the beans about your upcoming proposal. Ask a close friend or family member that you can trust to keep a secret.

Look at Other Jewelry

If your loved one wears a ring on her opposite ring finger, then try to get ahold of that ring! Discretely measure that ring by tracing the interior circle of the ring on paper, or measuring the ring against a ring size chart (there are many available to print online – be sure to print the ring size chart out at 100% sizing!). Take note that this ring dimension may not be exactly the same as the other ring finger. In fact, the fingers on our dominant hand usually need a boost of half of a ring size to fit!

Make Your Best Guess

Use your best judgement as you buy your ring. Remember the average sizes (6 for average women, and 9 for men). Try to size up your fiance-to-be throughout the day (subtly if possible!). Feel the width of your loved one’s finger as you hold hands, or compare the width of their ring finger with your fingers if your hands are side-by-side. You should get a rough estimate of the proper size, and you may just be right on!

Regardless of your technique, don’t sweat it too much! Rings can be resized easily, so you can count on getting the perfect fit regardless of initial sizing!