Make sure your jewelry is authentic before you buy.

Our jewelers know how to identify pure jewels and gold.Rolex watches have always been associated with affluence, success, and class. The exclusive nature of the brand is the reason why it is one the the most famous names in the luxury market. A popular culture icon such as Rolex will naturally attract people who wish to own the watch, yet are unable to afford one. This desire has created a market full of knock Rolex watches for those who would be satisfied with a replicated version of the real thing.

It is relatively easy to identify the differences in a real and fake Rolex watch. For instance, looking at the backside of the watch is a textbook giveaway in determining the legitimacy of a Rolex; if there is a skeleton, or see-through, caseback on the watch, then it is guaranteed to be a knockoff. Another dependable clue involves the crown seal. If the Rolex you are interested in does not have this extra seal in the winding device, odds are it’s a replica. Even the weight of a watch can tell you everything you need to know. Rolex watches tend to be heavier than ordinary ones and counterfeit pieces because they are built with steel and gold. Fakes are typically constructed with base metal and do not have the same links a real Rolex would.

The Rolex company does not settle for anything less than the highest caliber materials. Their dedication to top-notch craftsmanship is the reason why the product they sell cost thousand of dollars. If you are considering buying a Rolex, but you’re not sure if you’re being hustled, go with you intuition and only buy from reputable secondhand dealers and the officials store.