Make sure your watch is authentic, have our jeweler inspect it!

rolex3Rolex is a representation of precision and accuracy. It is known for its high quality, reliability, and longevity. There is nothing worse than having a great watch with wrong time or date. The good news is that it’s very easy to fix the time and date on a Rolex yourself. Or, as always, you can call on your local jeweler here at RK & Co. and we’ll make sure that your watch is operating perfectly.

Self-Winding Movement in Rolex

A very simple tip that helps keep the time on a Rolex accurate is this: make sure the crown on your watch is always screwed down firmly when wearing it. Rolex implements a self-winding movement that winds the watch as the you move your arms in everyday movements.

Manually Winding Your Rolex

However, if a Rolex hasn’t been worn for a long period of time, it might need to be winded manually. In order to manually wind your Rolex, you will need to unscrew the crown to the point where it is free of the screw hands. Then, you can hand wind your Rolex to the correct time.

Changing the Date

To change the date on your Rolex, pull out the crown to the first notch. You can only turn clockwise – and the date moves rapidly. Turning the crown counterclockwise will have no effect on the watch. Changing the date does not influence the watch movement, and the time will continue to function normally.

Setting the Time

To set the time on a Rolex, pull out the crown to the last notch. Then, set the hour and minute hands to the appropriate time by rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise as needed. When the crown is pulled out, the second hand automatically stops and won’t start back up until the time is set and the crown is pushed back in. When you are done setting the time, be sure to fully screw down the crown to pressure proof the Rolex once again.