swissWhat makes a Swiss Watch a fine watch?
Swiss made watches, whether they are mechanical or quartz, are synonymous with exceptional quality. They enjoy a solid reputation throughout the world for superb craftsmanship, innovative design and prestige.

Swiss watches are prized for their accuracy, reliability, water resistance and shock resistance.

History of Swiss Watch Making
Swiss watch making began over four centuries ago and provides some clues as to why they are held in such high esteem. Many of the world’s first watchmakers were jewelry artisans who adopted the Protestant religion. The tenets of their faith forbade the wearing of jewelry as it was viewed as an unnecessary form of self-adornment. These artisans then re-directed their talents and love of fine craftsmanship to the art of fine watch making, as watches were considered to be a functional piece of equipment and not a form of personal adornment. Over the centuries, these artisans worked to create innovations and new designs that were recognized all over the world. They continued to establish very high standards for themselves and kept raising the bar to ensure that they maintained their positions as the leader in watch craftsmanship and design.

Swiss Watch Materials
Swiss made watches are made with only the highest quality materials. Enormous attention is given to the smallest details of the watch parts and manufacturing processes, from the hand assembly of the watch to the way the metal parts are polished. Details like these are not found on mass produced or non-Swiss watches. The materials used in Swiss watch cases, bands and crystals are some of the best on the market.

Most Quality Swiss watches come with top of the line sapphire crystals. Their case and bracelets are made of solid stainless steel, precious metals, titanium or very durable gold plating for long-term durability.

“Swiss Made” Certification
Swiss made watches must meet certain conditions and pass strict testing in Switzerland before they can be certified as “Swiss Made”. A Swiss made watch is your guarantee that the watch is an extremely reliable timepiece that represents the highest level of quality and workmanship.