A Gift To Keep

Diamonds have been the symbol of love since humankind discovered them. They’re the hardest and some of the most stunning stones that the earth can offer and for that reason they’ve cemented themselves in place as one of the most desirable substances. It’s no wonder they’re prominently featured in jewelry with their symbolic association with love and and eternal feelings.

Though many jump to  conclusions when looking through a jewelry case and assume that she wants a ring, have you, perhaps considered a bracelet? The possibility of your wrist twinkling with every hand movement and gesticulation is certainly a tantalizing possibility. Even more convincing is just how beautiful her wrist will look dripping refracted light that glints of precious stones and priceless metal. A diamond bracelet can easily be as meaningful as any other piece of jewelry but it has more wearability and versatility bundled up in it than the average gemstone carting ring or pendant. It’s an everyday piece with a unique spin that’s simply unmistakable.

Shop A Wide Variety of Bracelet Designs

If you’re not sure what she’d like we have a huge variety from our signature collection of bracelets that come in a myriad of styles that are all distinct in their own way – from chain and diamond collections to different gemstone types and from bangles to custom, to even Italian designs.  Our selection will certainly satisfy all of her tastes.  Browse through the bracelets here or come in and catch a glimpse of the various possibilities.

Searching for a way to afford one of these totally original pieces?

RK & Co Jewelers is happy to help you make room in your budget for a new piece of jewelry. We offer a diamond upgrade or trade-in program as well as an opportunity to sell your jewelry to us. We buy jewelry in any condition based off of the weight of the precious metal and gemstones quality and size. At times, if the piece is vintage, we’ll even base our quote on the workmanship of the piece. We even take back pieces that we sold you. Reach out to us to find out more about our programs now.

RK & Co. Jewelers is happy to offer you a wide variety of fashion bracelets in 10K gold, 14K gold, 18K gold, and Platinum in either white, yellow, or pink (rose).  Your choices for bracelets just got a lot better!