rolex8Bezels on Rolex watches are metal rings that protect the hands and the dial of the watch as well as help pressure-proof the case of the watch. Some bezels come fixed while others can turn clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the model of dive watches (such as the Submariner). The Rolex Daytona also comes with a tachometer on its bezel to meet the demands of professional racers. Because Bezels are easy to remove, they can be interchanged to vary the look of the watch.

Although there are many different styles of bezels, most of them can be separated into two categories: simple and jeweled bezel. Simple Bezels, as the name implies, do not have any jewels or stones on them. Jeweled Bezels, on the other hand, have diamonds and other jewels embedded, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. In the models currently manufactured by Rolex, jeweled bezels are only available in 18k gold and platinum watches. Many vintage Rolex watches made of stainless steel, however, also include jeweled bezels.

Rolex also manufactures many different bezel styles upon request. This makes it possible to interchange bezels when desired. The second to last digit on the Case Reference Number of a Rolex indicates the bezel type that originally came with the watch, allowing for the easy identification of non-original parts when purchasing a used Rolex watch.

Rolex bezels are available in many different types, including:
• Polished
• Finely-engine-tuned
• Engine-turned
• Fluted
• Hand-crafted
• Pyramid
• Rotating