rolex5Rolex bracelets, just as Rolex watches, are recognized for their quality and beauty, and style. Rolex bracelets come in three basic styles: Oyster, Jubilee, and President.

The Oyster

The Oyster Bracelet is used on Oyster Rolex models and is the most popular choice for Rolex owners – therefore, it is also the most recognized Rolex bracelet in the world. It has broad polished center links and narrow brushed-finish outer links. Oyster Bracelets also come with the option to be embedded with jewels.
One popular option for embedded jewels in the Oyster bracelet are round shaped diamonds. They come in a count of 100, 174, 270, and 286 – perfect for individuals that love diamonds and a little extra touch to an otherwise simple watch bracelet. Another option is to get 100 pink sapphires or 100 sky-blue sapphires embedded on your Oyster bracelet – a great look for the lady who loves soft colors that give a little spark to her everyday outfit. You can also get 174 small round-shaped diamonds and 14 large diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires embedded.

The Jubilee

The Jubilee Bracelet is used on DateJust watches. It has a center hyperlink that comprises three separate lines of highly-polished links as well as narrow links with a brushed finish on the outside. Like Oyster Bracelets, Jubilee Bracelets also come with the option of being embedded with jewels.

The President

The President Bracelet is used on DayDate watches and feature polished center links with brushed-finish links on the sides. Although it is very similar to the Oyster Bracelet, the links on the President are much smaller. The President Bracelet comes in several different options, such as the very popular bark finish or in 18k gold with center links in white or pink gold. The President Baguette comes with 50 or 74 round cut diamonds and 23 or 35 baguette cut diamonds. Another option for embedded jewels are 204, 288, 348, 443, or 460 round cut diamonds.

Rolex offers many more varieties of bracelets such as:
• The Mesh (Flat) Bracelet
• The Moire Bracelet
• The Damier Bracelet
• The Milanese Bracelet
• The Chevrons Bracelet
• The Chameleon (Brick) Bracelet
• The Chameleon (Mesh) Bracelet
• The Mesh Florentine Bracelet

Rolex Bracelets also come in different sizes. Standard Ladies’ Bracelets are traditionally 13mm and 14mm, Standard Mid-Sized Bracelets are 17mm and Standard Men’s Bracelets are 19mm and 20mm.

Rolex bracelets also come in different materials, but are always made of the same material as the case of the specific watch. The last digit in the case reference number refers to the material that was used for the watch bracelet.