rolex6As a Rolex owner or a potential buyer, scratches on a used Rolex bracelet are always a nightmare. However, they are easy to fix in a short amount of time, and any ordinary user can do it themselves when needed. Scratches on Rolex bracelets are often found on the polished center-links of Oyster bracelets or on center-links on two-toned bracelets of the Submariner, Daytona, and Yacht-Master. By polishing the scratched links, you can obtain a brand new look on your used Rolex bracelet.

There are few techniques that effectively remove scratches from your used Rolex watch.

One way to remove scratches is to use a polishing cloth. It works in both stainless and gold surfaces and is easy to use. One of the most recommended cloths are Cape Cod metal polishing cloths that come in a tin of 10. The cloths are roughly textured and soaked in polish. They are equally suitable to stainless, gold, platinum, silver and other types of metals used in Rolex timepieces.

Be careful – it’s important to use the polishing cloths only on the polished parts of the bracelet (center-links). If they are used on the brushed finish (outer-links), the polish will alter and damage the finish. One way of avoiding damaging the non-polished parts of the bracelet is by wrapping the cloth around a Q-tip. By minimizing the polishing surface, it is easier to control and polish only the necessary parts (center-links) of the bracelet and avoid accidentally damaging undesired surfaces (outer-links). When polishing, the brush strokes should be precise and follow the grain of the metal. Use reserved pressure when polishing your used Rolex bracelet. In a few minutes, there should be a noticeable difference, and most hairline scratches should disappear. Every time the bracelet is polished, the surface is re-leveled and the scratches are no longer visible. Please note that it is not recommended to polish unscratched areas unnecessarily because it will remove a fine layer of metal every time you polish.

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