rolex10Rolex watches are produced with only the highest materials with many details and precise time-keeping. To maintain its quality and precision, it is important to service a Rolex watch regularly. For information on the proper care and maintenance of Rolex watches, please read Rolex Basic Care. If the watch has been neglected and regular servicing is not enough to restore it to its original state, it might need a complete overhaul. It is important to remember that it is not recommended to overhaul your watch every time it is serviced. It should be done only when it is necessary.

The process for an overhaul usually starts with visual identification. Visual identification is a standard first step where the watch is inspected by a Rolex Servicing Center. At the Center, experts will record the reference and serial numbers of the watch. They also check for stolen or counterfeit watches and parts that, if detected, will be confiscated by Rolex Servicing Center. If any accessories fitted for the Rolex are aftermarket, they will be replaced by genuine Rolex parts to ensure the watch quality.
The experts then proceed to thoroughly diagnose the Rolex Watch. This is to ensure the accuracy of the timekeeping. A technician will check for any defects in the appearance and operation of the Rolex watch. The watch is then tested for accuracy several times in different positions over a 24 hour period.

After the diagnosis, the Rolex Watch will go through a servicing of the movement and other parts of the watch, which involves a complete dis-assembly of the timepiece. Each part of the watch will be inspected and cleaned from dirt or hardened lubricants. Any worn out parts of the watch will also be replaced.
After the inside of the watch is serviced, the watch will be cleaned and polished with advanced ultrasonic technology. The bracelet will also be cleaned and polished, and all worn out parts will be repaired.

The last two steps of the overhaul are inspection and quality control tests. The Rolex watch will go through pressure tests to test the timepiece at its guaranteed depth. If the watch passes the pressure test, the movement will be installed, lubricated, and tested for accuracy in timekeeping. If there are any deviations, the watch will be adjusted to correct them. The watch will undergo one more pressure test before final quality inspection by an expert.

After the complete overhaul, your Rolex watch should be functioning like any new Rolex in appearance and operation. The Rolex Servicing Center will issue a one year warranty on your Rolex watch after it has been serviced or overhauled.