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Suwanee is a town like no other. It’s layered with the rich and layered tapestry of Georgia history. It’s filled with threads of Southern pride and people who embody the simplistic yet beautiful rural life that works throughout the year like a freshly tuned clock. As a jeweler, we get the unique opportunity to be a huge part of people’s lives. We provide them with wedding bands, earrings for their sweet 16th, and so much more. We see milestones tick by like markers on the road and we get to know you. We’re honored to be a part of a community full of so many lovely people that encompass the idea of Southern hospitality. As you local Suwannee jeweler, we believe it’s our duty to educate you about the jewelry buying process, so that when you step foot into our store, you know what you’re looking for and what you can afford.

Let’s explore the commonly asked questions in regard to jewelry.

What Does “Carat” Mean?

The word “Carat” traces its origins back to the Greek name of a seed. Seeds in ancient times were actually a measure of weight, and a carat generally weighs around seven-thousandths of an ounce.14s carats are needed to make a single ounce. Carats are divided into 100 points, so if someone says a diamond is 25 points, they mean that it’s one-fourth of a carat. In another instance, if someone explains that there’s 345 points of diamonds, they don’t want to mention that ring has around three and a half carats of diamonds. It’s a common measurement conversion that some will use to make a ring seem more substantial than it is.

What is an “Enhanced” Gemstone?

Since man first saw gemstones and found they were pretty and shiny, we’ve sought out ways to make a gemstone more stunning than it already is. The most common “enhancement” is the cut of the stone. There are tons of different ways to cut a stone. Most of them are used to enhance the stone’s natural qualities. They’ll execute a variety of facets to minimize the look of the of the various imperfections within the stone. The most common gemstone cuts are going to include emerald, cushion, brilliant (round) pear, rose cut and princess cut. The princess cut is used to make a less brilliant, smaller stone more attractive the most often. They’re a more expensive cut because it’s much harder to execute. Enhancements will also come in a couple of other varieties, like clarity and brilliance heating, oiling, irradiation and dyeing. Most enhancements are totally permanent and don’t require any sort of maintenance, but ask your jeweler if your stone has been enhanced and needs any special care to maintain that appearance.

How Are Diamonds Graded?

Diamonds are graded on a variety of things that eventually give you the price you’ll see attached to a ring or a pendant, or even a loose stone when you’re looking through a jewelry case. There are numerous diamond clarity grades and then there are color grades as well. FL stands for flawless, IF stands for internally flawless which means there only slight flaws on the surface that you can see under magnification. Then comes VVS1 and VVS2 which are very very slightly flawed. These are difficult for a skilled gemstone grader to glimpse even under intense magnification and can be nearly invisible depending on the cut of the diamond. Then there comes SI1 SI2 and the Is. All of these have visible inclusions in the stone which can be visible to the naked eye if you know what you’re looking for.

Buy or Sell Jewelry In Suwanee

If you have any questions about diamonds you’ve purchased or diamonds you’re trying to sell and want to have them evaluated come see us. RK & Co Jewelry is proud to offer comprehensive jewelry buying to the Suwanee area so you know what you’re getting.