1. Winding, Setting Time and Setting Date on Rolex Watches

    Rolex is a representation of precision and accuracy. It is known for its high quality, reliability, and longevity. There is nothing worse than having a great watch with wrong time or date. The good news is that it’s very easy to fix the time and date on a Rolex yourself. Or, as always, you can call on your local jeweler here at RK & Co. and we'll make sure that your watch is operating perfec…Read More

  2. How To Identify A Fake Rolex

    1) Casebacks One of the main ways that you can identify a counterfeit Rolex is by looking at the wristwatch’s caseback. Many counterfeit Rolex wristwatches have clear casebacks made out of either plastic or glass that allows you to look at the inner-workings of the watch. The caseback of an authentic Rolex is never clear or see-through and is made up of solid metal material. Another common tellt…Read More

  3. Spotting Rolex Counterfeits And Scams

    Rolex watches have always been associated with affluence, success, and class. The exclusive nature of the brand is the reason why it is one the the most famous names in the luxury market. A popular culture icon such as Rolex will naturally attract people who wish to own the watch, yet are unable to afford one. This desire has created a market full of knock Rolex watches for those who would be sati…Read More